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Hey, I'm Beth

I'm the owner and  photographer



Paint the Sky Photography


Not to be cheesy right off the bat but photography is in my soul! I grew up, being taught by my parents, to see the beauty in nature. Flowers, tress, lakes and, well the sky...there is beauty in all of it but what tops all those? Humans!!!


The older I became I realized my love for capturing moments in my own life! I was constantly taking pictures and then scrapbooking my life. I never dreamed it would lead to a career someday!


I still pinch myself everyday that I get to do what I absolutely love doing for a living! 'Blessed' doesn't even begin to describe how I feel when I think about how far I have come and where my path will lead me. 


I'm looking foward to seeing old friends, making some new ones and most of all capturing moments that last forever!




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